Victoria Jane


About the work

All commissions are personally designed and handmade solely by Victoria. Each piece will be unique, be correctly hallmarked and carry a certificate of authenticity.

The advantages of a commission from a renowned goldsmith:

  1. Unique design to your own specifications and materials
  2. Personal service
  3. Potential for higher investment return based on the success of the designer
  4. No excessive Jewellery Shop mark ups, resulting in
  5. More value in the piece in terms of higher stone and metal content (although some of the cost will of course be for the design and Victoria's skills, avoiding excessive shop markups will result in a far higher proportion of the price going into the quantity of metal and the quality and size of the stones)

Please note Victoria does not do general repairs, although adjustments to previous commissions will be considered.

 Large Diamond Ring

"It is very important to remember that all commissions take time! As each piece is handmade by me, the length of time needed to take a design through to a finished item varies depending on current workload and the complexity of the design. You can be assured of effective communication during this period and I will make every effort to meet an important deadline."
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