Victoria Jane



Handmade Silver Torc available for purchase

First designed in 1999, Victoria's handmade Silver Torc was featured in on the EDP Norfolk Magazine in December 2000 and remains one of her most famous and sought after pieces to date.

Hand crafted from a single length of solid silver, the unique interlocking design is always a talking point. Half the length of the piece is highly polished, the other half has a frosted finish giving an enhancing contrast where the two ends entwine.

The clever self-locking design relies on the torsion in the carefully hand curved length of silver. This cannot be machine reproduced.

Each individual torc is handmade by Victoria and comes boxed with a numbered, dated and signed authentification. 


Price including delivery to UK.
Additional delivery cost to
USA or Europe £30.
 Torc worn on neck (click for larger picture)
Also available in solid gold
(please email for a quotation)

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